Dr. Ted van Baarda

Dozent für Militärethik


Ted van Baarda: Militär Ethik – „War on Terror", in: KunstRaumRhein (Hg.): Entgegensprechen Teil 1. Texte zu Menschenwürde und Menschenrecht, Basel: 2014 (3. Auflage)

Zur Person:

  • *(1957)
  • studied international public law at Leiden University
  • 1992 doctorate on a thesis concerning colliding human rights
  • General secretary of the Conference on the Rights of Children in Armed Conflict in 1993-1994, to be followed by a conference on CIMIC: civil-military co-operation.
  • Director of the Humantarian Law Consultancy in The Hague, The Netherlands, until 2001
  • In 1999 involved in the establishment of the Bureau for Ethics and the Armed Forces as a part of the Ministry for Defence of the Netherlands; headed the Bureau from 2003-2007
  • Associate Professor on military ethics at the Netherlands Defence College, Faculty of Military Science, in The Hague

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands has listed him Ted van Baarda an election observer, in which capcity he has visited countries with a troubled democracy. He has published on a variety of subjects concerning international human rights, humanitarian law and ethics in English, Dutch and German.


Weitere Publikationen:


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