Stella Radicati - On the Other Side

21 Sept - 2 Nov 2019

Kuratorin: ddeimann [Email]

Dorneckstrasse 37
4143 Dornach



After studying the feminine aspects of holiness, through the exhibition "Ecce Ancilla Domini", here is the exhibition "On the Other Side" which focuses on the other side of femininity, the mysterious and dark part of the feminine soul.

It is a series of paintings whose protagonists are women of literature and history characterized by stories and experiences particularly cruel and immoral.

The woman's body becomes a cruel machine of conquest, of personal fulfillment, guided by an acute intelligence used only to achieve its objectives.

But there is something in these stories of cruel women that can be interpreted as a bitter revenge on the status of women: the freedom of independent thought (though turned to bloody actions), and finally the desire to live without the weight of morality that condemns female nature.

It is a kind of hidden power that belongs to women, the awareness of being able to use the appearance for their own benefit.

And here are the characters chosen by me, showing their point of strength and for that they are condemned.

The exhibition "On the Other Side" wants to show this side, this unusual and bizarre point of view; which, though deliberately forgotten, exists in the feminine nature.

Stella Radicati

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